Overheard on the Web: Harbor Village Townhomes

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

A recent story about sudden vacancies at the Harbor Village Townhomes prompted plenty of theories as to why businesses were leaving the site. Here’s what some of The Log’s Facebook friends had to say.

Jeff Hood: Location is great. No parking though and nobody walks on 98 at that location.

Aron Jones: Rent is high there for the square footage. It is basically big enough for a small retail store which unfortunately are doomed for failure because of big box stores. I remember when on the far left side there was a British cafe. On the far right there was a fancy kind of furniture store that took up two stores, the reason it lasted so long is because they owned the whole building. My dad had a retail store there for a couple of months and the best day he had was on the day of the parade. Sad. My suggestion: lower rent (because it being vacant wont make owner any money) and spice up the signage.

Gina Garrett Whitaker: Who wants to pay high dollar rent where people live above you, no parking no curb appeal.

Cheryl Ann: Location, location. No parking Landlord not liked.

Jody McCormick Capik: Sadly Ella Madison has moved along with the snow cone place. Dip n Dots will probably be next. Several of the upstairs tenants have vacated as well.

Anthony Bracarello: High rent, seasonal business, bad parking, bad signage and bad business plans.

Celia Mortensen: High prices per square foot and seasonal business .

Becky Brown: Lousy parking & difficult to get to!

Laurie Bland-Criddle: Not out of woods with our poor economy.

Ann Abell: The business that are still there are not seasonal.. The Painting Vine, Salon Couture, and Coast 2 Coast Insurance. Signage visibility has been an issue.

David Szklarski: Rents are about 65-75% to high for type of property.

Michael Boughton: Too many boutiques.

Victoria Lell George: It's not easily accessible. And it never looks like anything there is open.

KentSawyers: History will repeat itself. 20 year cycles are becoming 10-15 year cycles as a result of how we immediately go back to bad habits of spending after a tough year like 2007. Cash is KING.

Kim Farris: Its a beautiful building but it always looks dark and empty when I drive by. I have often had a feeling this would sadly happen:(

TravisMary Walker: Parking issues, square footage cost to high, etc.

LuAnn Griffin: I drive past it all the time and never noticed it till after reading this story. Had to watch for it. I'd say first problem is it's not noticeable.

Marcus DeGagne: Because they look like what they are: townhomes. Sure the idea is nice and the architecture is splendid, but it doesn't look like there are businesses there. Signs and parking would help.

April Rosson Smith: Greedy when it comes to renting to business... rent way too high!