The Chirping Roost

Savannah Vasquez
Jane Schultz of Wisconsin and Sharon Tulsey of New York, laughed during the meetings entertainment.

The Destin Snowbirds are back in full session, as Tuesday launched the 2015 membership season at the Destin Community Center. The club’s Publicity Director, Sigrid Aeschleman reported that 1,292 Snowbirds have alighted in Destin so far, and she anticipates that number to swell as the season continues.

“This year I am looking forward to new members, I think we have quite a few,” she said. “We are hoping to get enough new people in to offset those who couldn’t make it, and of course to introduce them to Destin.”

Tuesday’s meeting saw about 600 members show up for musical entertainment, a short business meeting, and a chance to sign up for seasonal trips and activities.

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