HART: Expect more executive actions in 2015 from our impervious, imperial prez

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The Destin Log

Pundits and prognosticators have but one goal: making fortune cookies and astrology seem respectable. Here are my annual predictions.

Weather will continue to plague Southern California, emboldening global warming advocates. Los Angelenos are willing to put up with earthquakes, crime, gangs, high taxes and mudslides just for a chance to see one of the Baldwin brothers at the grocery store.

The Left will continue its new mantra, “Climate Change.” “Global Warming” confined advocates to one side of the argument. The Founding Fathers dropped the ball on this one, making no provisions in the Constitution for the weather (apparently they did not have weather back then). So executive action by an imperial president, who willfully ignores both prudent economics and the consumer, will continue.

By early 2015, Obama’s staff will have briefed him on the mid-term election losses, yet he will not care. Obama will remain intractable, blaming Republicans and hoping they try to impeach him.  Then he can claim the highest honor in a Democrat’s lexicon: victim.

President Obama will continue never to miss an opportunity to take credit. He actually said after gas prices fell, “We have brought down gas prices.” This from a president who fought the real reasons oil prices have dropped, fracking and drilling in the U.S. The only thing under his control when gas prices spiked to $4 a gallon (from $1.80 when he took office) was increasing drilling on federal lands — yet that was reduced by 16 percent. Against all evidence, Obama takes credit in his attempt to burnish a faux legacy.

Good thing I drive a hybrid. It is a combination Hummer and Denali and runs on crushed-up Chevy Volts that “Government Motors” couldn’t sell.

With oil production booming and real estate and stock markets at all-time highs, Obama’s ineptness at socialism is the toast of Wall Street. Those members of the middle class who are still working have seen their incomes fall. When Obama said he was going to “help the little man,” he meant that little Monopoly character with the top hat and monocle.

Beside lower fuel prices from increased American production, our national security benefits. Inflated oil prices help our enemies Russia, Iran, ISIS and Venezuela. Lower oil prices slow the global ambitions of Russia, Iran and ISIS, since governments can’t fund nefarious activities without petrodollars. Half of Putin’s export, a.k.a. power, comes from oil sales. When oil goes from $110 a barrel to $55, he’s less dangerous. The best way to retard Putin’s Soviet-style geopolitical ambitions is to limit Russian exports to mail order brides and babies with fetal alcohol syndrome.

I predict unrest in the country this year. A macho Putin will lash out in frustration, and there will be internal strife in an already oppressed Russia. He will try to punish the U.S. by forcing Burger Kings to post their calorie counts at Russian stores and make KFC stores report their death toll, like Mayor de Blasio does in NYC. The only remaining financial threat we can hold over Russia would be to force Lindsey Lohan to quit drinking vodka.

If ISIS leaders are smart, they will see their demise in American energy independence and start beheading U.S. oil fracking execs and Nissan Leafs. $55-a-barrel oil is a cheap; the barrel itself probably costs $25.

I see issues in China as well. As its economy slows, worker unrest will ensue. This is a natural economic certainty as the country’s factory workers enter their teens.

Cyber-attacks will continue. When the US government and Sony Pictures cowered and did not release “The Interview,”  a sign was sent that the U.S. is weak-willed, thus emboldening our enemies. If you have a screen play, it will now have to be green-lighted by Kim Jung Un. I see starring roles for Dennis Rodman in our future.

The Obama administration is prepared to launch a counter cyber-attack, which might bring North Korea’s 500 computers to a halt. The State Department plans to approve the shipment of Microsoft Windows to the hermit nation. And Obama will ratchet up the bravado against North Korea if they hurt his beloved Hollywood supporters. He is the only leader who sends enemies a “save the date” card for military action.

Cyber shenanigans wouldn’t happen under Bush; by now he would already have rounded up every Nigerian prince who won the lottery or is having trouble freeing up his inheritance.

When the big cyber war starts, expect France to surrender online immediately.

Ron Hart, a libertarian syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author and TV/radio commentator can be reached at or visit