Frocks & Hats: Destin Library hosts tea party

Savannah Vasquez
Gail Ferguson pours some tea during the afternoon tea on Friday at the Destin library.

The Destin Library looked like a scene from a Victorian-era British tea room on Friday, as 48 women bustled in the door for a Downton Abbey-inspired afternoon tea. Everyone was dressed the part with glamorous hats and sharp attire, and some participants even took on a character for the Friends Guild of the Destin Library event.

Blanche Beam, the host of the event and local tea aficionado, played the part of Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper and head of servants in the popular TV show. Violinist Carol Hayes also took on the part of period musician Maud Powell and delighted the crowd with classical ensembles.

“This is going to be the highlight of the year with friendship, fellowship and just a good time,” said Friend’s President Nancy Saleeby. “Donations from the tea will go to the library. We buy a lot of books and computers, and anything the library needs.”

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