Hinder hits the stage at Club LA Friday

Shelby DeSoto
Hinder performs at Club LA Friday. The band is comprised of guitarists Joe Garvey and Mark King, Mike Rodden on bass guitar, Cody Hanson on drums and vocalist Marshal Dutton.

Rock band Hinder will be performing Friday night at Club LA, along with musical guests Red Wine Hangover and I Like I Like.

Since forming back in 2001, Hinder has topped the charts through the years with hits such as “Lips of an Angel,” “Better Than Me,” “Get Stoned,” and others.

Drummer Cody Hanson says the band doesn’t like to do the same thing twice when it comes to their music.

“We’re not really a band that can only do one thing,” said Hanson. “The last couple of albums have all been different. We like to try new things and constantly evolve.”

Hinder will also be debuting their newest member Marshal Dutton for vocals. Although Dutton might be fairly new to the stage, Hanson says Dutton has been alongside the band for a long time.

“He was the co-producer on our last three albums including this one,” said Hanson, referring to their latest album.

Although there is no set release date for their latest album, “When the Smoke Clears,” Hanson says they are almost done and are waiting to “lay down some final vocals.”

“We look forward to this new excitement and new outlook for the band,” said Hanson.

Hanson said their latest single from the album, “Hit The Ground,” has a more “Southern rock sound” than their other hits.

“It has a country influence, but it tells a story people can relate to,” said Hanson. “It’s special to us because we all have lived every lyric in the song, especially lately.”

He added that collectively, Hinder’s musical influences include most ‘80s music and ‘80s rock bands like Guns N Roses, Motley Crue and early Bon Jovi, but says they love all styles and genres of music.

The band has ventured throughout the Destin area before, visiting local venues in the past, said Hanson. He adds they are looking forward to a fun night.

Hanson says they plan on putting on a great show, saying their concerts are “a big party for everyone,” and want concert goers to enjoy themselves.

For more information about the show or to purchase tickets, visit Club LA is located at 34876 Emerald Coast Parkway, next to Hurricane Lanes.