OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: The Henderson Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The luxury resort project known as The Henderson drew a mixed reaction from those on The Log’s Facebook page. Here’s a look at what some of our social media friends had to say about the new development.

Sandy Hawkins: Oh great! Let's ruin some more of the beaches! Makes me want to puke.

Jenna Berry Jannazo: Noooo....why do we need another resort?!?!

Lora Howard McAllister: Sad, just what we need more rooms and more traffic! Let's work with what we got!

Lynda McLean Simmons: Where do these ideas come from? And who votes for them? So this means a The Henderson will be torn down and this is it? Shameful Yes Destin will turn into everything else a bunch of tall buildings and locals will have to put up with this Not right I'd say watch who ya vote in next time

Holly Marie: I don't know why people don't read before going off. The Henderson Park Inn is owned by the same company and the resort will be built at that same area (the old Inn will not be torn down either). None of this is part of the protected Henderson Park it is the area of land that is immediately to the east of the actual park. No one is destroying Henderson Park!

Christian Fisher: To create more than 1,500 jobs. I don't get why you people complain so much.

Alice Archer: I don't see a problem with this at all! creating more jobs and competition in the market is always a plus for any place. Let's not forget the jobs that are created and supported by the building of the place either. I say fair play to them. I look forward to telling friends that there's a new place for them to stay when they visit!

Colby Fox: Why do developers from some place far away feel the need to further degrade the beauty of the beaches that bring so many people to Destin in the first place?

Kyle Swift: We will have one of the only luxury hotels for hundreds of miles. Brings in big money, more jobs and higher end clientele. Bring it on.

Greg Windsor: Guess we can throw out the old saying ( if not already ) ,"only going to get worse before it gets better ?"

Sara O'Ryan: Wonderful! Congratulations!

Bob Kelly: The final straw was that monstrosity in front of McGuire's. I'd love to know who got paid off to approve that.

Neal Shermer: And rest assured, being as you hired an out of town management firm, a goodly portion of those 200 jobs will be imported, and not for "locals."