POOCH SCOOP: Here’s The Scoop of the Day!

P.A. DeFrenza
You know it's a great party when "Miss Congeniality" Jan Hansen arrives. Jan and her Mom Marge with Stetson at the Woofstock parade.

“Woofstock or Bust” was one dog gone Shindig! The annual Mardi Gras Dog Parade at Baytown was a fun filled paisley “flower power” 60’s Pooch Pawty. Father Tom Guido and his faithful furry companion Bridget were parade contestants and Father Tom blessed the people & pets as he walked along the way. Next year people; “be there or be square” Peace. 

Give the Dog a Bone & a Home- Entry fees for the Mardi Gras Dog Parade generated $450.00 for the Alaqua Animal Refuge and $300 for Fisher House of the Emerald Coast. 

Hear ye, hear ye, breed all about it! Did you know that Alaqua has a breed “Wish List?” Yip, yap, yep. Families should choose a dog breed that best matches their lifestyle and some breeds actually do better with smaller children than others. If a Golden Retriever, Collie, or Labrador would be your perfect dog, just get pre-approved as an adoptive family and add your name to the breed “Wish List.” Getting pre-approved puts your name at the top of the list of people to call when Alaqua receives your preferred breed in at the shelter. So whether it’s a Dane or Brit or a Poodle or a Pug, just visit or call Nicky Morrison at 850-880-6399 and register your name on their breed wish list.

PawScript: Other shelters often keep Breed wish lists too, so call and add your name. Don’t forget, mixed breeds make loving family members. When choosing a mix, if it looks like a Collie, acts like a collie, is the size of a collie, the collie traits should dominate its behavior.

Oh where, oh where, has my little dog gone? If you’ve lost your dog, notify animal control at 850-244-0196 or 850-685-6003. Call veterinarians, the police dept. and visit local shelters. To ensure quick identification and return, talk to your vet about a microchip.

Lacy’s Licks- If you see a dog bullying people or people bullying a dog, for DOGS sake please call PAWS at 850-244-0196 and let them know before someone gets hurt. Check out the PAWS website for other animal services at:

Bark all about it - The American Cancer Society is holding a Relay for Life walking event on Saturday April 11 at the Destin City Annex. (Located by the Destin Dog Park 4100 Indian Bayou Trail, Destin) Register your Dog now at:  

Tuckers Tales-Spend some quality time with your loyal companion and take him for a hike along a meandering trail. The Village of Baytown, Eden State Park and Henderson Beach State Park, located at 17000 Emerald Cost Parkway in Destin, are all Dog Friendly. It doesn’t matter where the trails will lead, as an hour walk among nature will do more to prevent or cure more ailments for the both of us, than staying home being couch potatoes.

R.I.P.Even though Obee was 17, his body feeble, and his coat had 50 shades of grey, his absence is felt by all of us whom shared our lives with him. The only solace I can offer to those whom have lost a beloved furry family member is this; Some accounts from people who had suffered sudden cardiac arrest and were clinically dead, then resuscitated, said that their beloved family members and their dog was there to greet them in the hereafter. Losing a Dog, even if it’s expected, is never easy. There’s always an absence felt in your home and in your heart forever.

P.A. Melle’, a.k.a The Destin Dog Whisperer/Pooch Scoop Reporter, is a resident of Destin, freelance writer and American Red Cross volunteer.