City to update security systems

Matt Algarin

Sometimes it’s just time to upgrade, and that’s exactly what city leaders agreed to do during their March 2 City Council meeting.

“This will consolidate systems, as well as alleviate resources and cost required to maintain our security systems,” said Public Information Manager Doug Rainer.

With a unanimous vote, the council agreed to enter into a $25,420.75 contract with Advanced Protective Technologies (APT) for security and fire monitoring services.

At the root of the contract is outdated equipment, such as security systems throughout the city that are more than 15 years old.

The systems frequently have maintenance conflicts with the city’s fire monitoring systems, according to city documents, and the security systems do not have the technology to be centrally managed. The city currently does not have an automated access control system for exterior doors for staff use.

Conflicts in the system typically require the city to work with multiple vendors and staff to resolve issues.

As recently as 2014 the city put the upgrades out to bid twice, but both times incomplete bid packages were received.

APT, a Destin-based company, was the lowest bidder on the project. They currently services the city’s security systems.

Upgrades are expected to be completed by late April.