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The Destin Log
Work on the new Hobby Lobby store in Destin (next to Target) is well on its way.

Work on the new Hobby Lobby store in Destin (next to Target) is well on its way. After posting a picture of the progress on our Facebook page, our friends had plenty to say about the store.

Sue Zeuch:Can't wait!

Kristy Shader Davis:Hobby Lobby in Destin? Love that store!

Janisse Marie:Awesome.....Love Hobby Lobby.

Cathy Renee' Reily Hayes:So excited! Hobby Lobby! What an awesome establishment.

Carole Azar:Looking forward to it opening.

Mandy Chinnis Trawick:Yay!

Mary Kay O'Neil Riggs: Wouldn't shop there if you paid me.

Amy Harrison:So glad I won't have to drive all the way to Pensacola anymore.

Carol-yn Ward Bowen:Hurray!

Cathy Trotter:So excited, looking forward to shopping there!

Barbara Henderson Slocumb:Can't wait. People don't know the creativity their missing by not going in!

Sharon Anne Hinrichs:Hobby Lobby in Destin!

Jessica Wheeler:They over charge people. Things you can get at Wal-mart, hobby lobby charges double.

Ingrid Courtney:Good for you Destin. Love ours in Panama City.

Beverly Clayton:Love Hobby Lobby!

Cynthia Stewart Theiss:Happy dancing!

Tammy Lively:Can't wait!

Tina Cox:Whoo Hoo!

Susan Bellarosa:Yes! Love hobby lobby!

Marla Durham:Awesome

Nicola Romano:This is the most exciting news EVER! I have missed Hobby Lobby! happy dance!

Joyce Halbur:I am waiting for it to open

Leona Vassar:I want to go check it out