Slip Sliding into Summer: Big Kahuna’s to get a new attraction

Savannah Vasquez
General Manager Bob Cordier shows where the new slide will be placed.

Get ready for a new splash at Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park as Destin’s popular amusement facility is adding a new feature slide this year with the Kowabunga Racer.

“It’s going to be a four-lane racer,” said Big Kahuna’s General Manager Bob Cordier. “All four riders start at the same time and ride headfirst on mats down the water slide.”

Cordier said the new slide will stand at 40-feet high and run 300-feet in length. The speedy water rush will take riders from the platform at the top to a long chute at the bottom and all four lanes will compete for first place.

“It will be a great addition to the park,” said Cordier. “It’s good for everybody because it’s an exciting ride. Teenagers will love it because it’s exciting, and families will like it because the can ride together.”

The multi-colored slide attraction will be the first new ride added to the water park since 2008. Cordier detailed that since Apex Parks Group acquired Big Kahuna’s in September of last year, several improvements have been made to better the park.   

“We are always trying to put stuff in, but it’s lots of little things you may not notice,” he said. “We have an all-new paint job, a new ramp, new electronic lockers, plants, and a new fence line.”

But the new slide is by far the most exciting and will be housed on the north end of the park visible from the parking lot. The ride is set to go in before Memorial Day as Cordier said the park is just awaiting approval from the city prior to building.