Overheard on the web: Whole Foods Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

A new grocery store, Whole Foods, is coming soon to Destin. The sign advertising the store was placed by the roadside in front of Lowes on Emerald Coast Parkway this week, and when a photo was posted to The Log’s Facebook site it received a lot of positive chatter.

Shannon Newport Wilson: AWESOME!

Phyllis Pugh: Can't wait

Kristen Sherry Scarpitto: Cool! What about Costco?

Elizabeth Strong: That settles it....

MaryAnn Martineau: yes, saw the sign yesterday! Happy....

Debbie Moreno-Portwood: Awesome! I miss having a Whole Food store!

Beth Sullivan: This is GREAT

Ida LeSage Rotherham: Wonderful!

Bridgette Hutson: Yay!

Lory Roach: Can't wait. It will be worth braving the summer traffic from 30a to Destin Commons! Any updates on completion/opening?

Danielle Cemel-Phillips: This is very exciting! Now stick a Trader Joe's over there somewhere too and it's perfect!

Kurt Rieper: Bout time!

Stephanie Hill Kirk: We are about eight hours away still. We stopped by Trader Joes in Nashville before heading home. Happy to see this place come up but sad we will be gone before it's selling. All they need now is a TJ's, Costco and I'd buy property.

Holly Keith Brown: Wahoo!

Gloria Henkelman: Yay...yay...been waiting and hoping for this for a long time!

Jessica Nicole: So excited! Next I'd like a Costco, Ikea and Pottery Barn, please.

Laura Mutter: So excited!

Jules Maciulis: Yippee eye oh ki ay!

Tim Nelson: Love this place! A little on the expensive side, but they have a lot to offer.

Annette Goodkin Elrod: Love, love this store…and for the beer and wine people, or the gluten better bring some money...this store is unique and fun to shop in.

Janet Deltuva: We love ours. They're a bit pricey, but truly "whole foods"!

Brian Boe: Yay, expensive food!

Karen Holley Jett: I'd drove two hours just to go! What I miss about Atlanta!

Kim Ostenberg: Whoop-Whoop! Can't wait!

Marcia Belton: Love this store.

Dean Sadowski:I'll be happy as long as they don't try to sell me any "farm raised" fish. Note: If it doesn't come from the Gulf, I won't buy it.