‘Short-read’ gas meters cause customer bills to fluctuate

Matt Algarin

Inaccurate readings by a former Okaloosa Gas Company employee has caused some customers to see their bills fluctuate more than normal.

“The meters were short read,” said Eddie Springle, marketing director for the company. “People were actually billed less. Once the proper readings were made, their bills were adjusted.”

Springle told The Log the inaccurate readings, which were only noticed in the past week or so, affected a “couple hundred” customers out of the company’s 45,000 total customers.

Okaloosa Gas runs a daily exception report which uses a percentage of variance metric based on prior month/year usage to keep track of fluctuations in customer’s service that could be due to errors or just increased usage.

If the affected customers account didn’t show up on the company’s exception report, there would have been no reason for alarm or for a further investigation to be warranted. But just because a customer hasn’t popped up on the exception report, doesn’t mean they won’t at a later date.

Springle told The Log any customer who feels as though there was a discrepancy with their bill is encouraged to call Okaloosa Gas and speak with Lars Sullivan, a customer relationship manager.

“We’re talking to everybody we possibly can,” Springle said. “Please call us if you have a concern.”