Overheard: Festive Marketplace Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

City leaders in Destin had a recent discussion about the possibility of restricting where open containers can be carried in the festive marketplace, which garnered plenty of chatter on our Facebook page. Here’s what folks had to say.

Shane Bird Baker: A bit late to try and wrangle in the reason folks go down to the harbor, especially since 90 percent of the businesses that make up the harbor serve alcohol.

Marcelle Bell: I wonder how the City's liability insurance carriers view this issue? Are the costs of those policy premiums increasing with the increased liability, which in turn is an added expense/cost to the taxpayers of Destin?

Melissa Aiken: Complicated issue indeed. When initiating a "festive marketplace" corridor such as this, the city should expect and provide the necessary support to make this project a safe success. We have seen an increase in tourism; this is good! With more people, comes more incidents, and more need for support and enforcement. The Destin Harbor Boardwalk is a destination and is drawing tourist and their dollars to Destin. When the city does review the arrest reports, I would be curious how many of the arrestees are repeat offenders. Also, look at the number of violations for trespassing. I see repeat arrests for trespassing happen often on the Destin Boardwalk. I am all for supporting this festive marketplace. Keep the bars open, keep the open containers, open up Sunday blue laws = Anticipate the problems that may arise, place support staff, and enforce the rules. Let's make some $.

Ed Alex: "Complicated Issue" is "Political Speak" for "we don't have a clue."

Bryan Spiers: I don't have a clue, ( for Ed ) but my guess is allow the normal alcohol provisions, and if the people can't handle it, or if people vote to do away with public access at the site, then follow suit.

Steve Randolph: The only issue is when the politicians start "creating" an issue and that is what is happening here. Last October I was there for the fishing rodeo and the seafood festival. A large number of the patrons were walking around with open containers (all sold by local businesses and festival businesses). I did not see a single problem with anyone. Drunks? None that I saw. Distracted people walking across 98? Nope. None again. Just politicians trying to make themselves more important than they really are.

Brock Mclean: Councilwoman Prebble Ramswell needs to drink a Jesters 190 octane and sit on the harbor and relax.

Judy Crenshaw:  Just remember Panama City 2015.

David Gould: Don't drink. Don't like for my family to have to endure people walking around intoxicated while on vacation. I know many who drink, keep it inside

LuAnn Griffin: More police to actually enforce laws already on the books. Start pulling people over on a regular basis for speeding and you'll reduce the amount of drunk drivers, vehicle accidents and bicyclists hit every freaking year. It will serve as a deterrent. Heaven forbid you use common sense!

Scott Monson: I think we need to curtail it. If we continue down the current path, we run the risk of Destin having the same issues as Panama City Beach in just a few years

Diana Lynn: Stop this action. Who needs to have a drink in their hand every minute? I know children are in this area. Drinking and driving KILLS

Jennifer Rutledge: Bad decision making is a staple in life. It will always be there. Alcohol related incidents cannot be eliminated even if alcohol is banned. However, the city does have control over the consequences one would pay for an alcohol related bad decision. A bigger police presence during festivals (even if it's only reserves in uniform) would help. Also, double or triple the fines for alcohol related incidents. The beaches and the harbor can be designated zones (similar to school zones or work zones). Any arrests or tickets can come with hefty fines.

Andee Lea Clancy: If you can the alcohol, you can the problem... Period.

Jeff Bentley: Please don't let the actions of a few be a influence on any decision made. I for one enjoy walking around the harbor with a cool beverage.

Tara Russo: The city is the reason they allowed for it to be a circus down there! We were just fine with just the boats and minimal businesses down there! Plus the people being brought in by the emerald grand and its timeshare fiasco! Yuck!

Margie Davis:I make Destin my vacation destination because have always looked at it as a family vacation town. I like a drink on vacation but to have drunks walking around with a drink in their hands all the time I kind of lose the family place.