Pooch Scoop: April showers spring May flowers …but some are downright dangerous

P.A. DeFrenza, The Pooch Scoop
Caroline Vecker of Miramar Beach visiting the Destni Dog Park with her companion therapy dog Morgan.

Beware of the Plants? Yip, yap, yup and here’s a few plants that can harm your furry kids. Lilies may cause severe or fatal kidney disease even if a tiny amount is ingested. All parts of the Sago Palm are very toxic and ingestion can cause seizures, vomiting, liver failure and death. Tulips cause serious gastrointestinal problems, depression of the central nervous system, convulsions and cardiac irregularities. Azaleas can cause vomiting, diarrhea, coma and can affect the heart. Oleander flowers and leaves can cause sudden death from heart failure. Caution: many common houseplants and garden herbs can be toxic to dogs.  

Love it & Leash it. Destin’s Leash Law: “On a leash by a competent person able to control the dog.” Keeping your dog leashed protects you, your dog and others. Don’t be a bonehead and find out the hard way when one bite creates a lawsuit, raised or dropped homeowners insurance and the potential destruction of your dog. Any dog will BITE if they are afraid, injured, threatened or even perceive a threat toward you, the owner. So never say “Never.”

Dawg Laws. “It is unlawful to chain, tie, leash or otherwise tether a dog to a house, tree or other stationary object as a means of confinement to property.” Okaloosa County Law.

You won’t need a pet detective to find Fido if he’s microchipped. If you’ve moved or changed your number, remember to update the info. If you can’t find your registration, look it up at http://www.petmicrochiplookup.org. You can also register your dog at Found Animals Microchip Registry for FREE at www.microchipregistry.foundanimals.org.

No More Homeless Dogs. Panhandle Animal Welfare Society in Fort Walton has low cost spay/neuter programs and vet services. Call 850-244-0196 or email acoatpaws@embarqmail.com

Tuckers Tales. Being an aging canine Mensa member bordering on genius, I found one tip that may help your pooch live longer, stay sharp and keep his coat shiny. Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your dog’s food. EVOO contains oleic acid and other nutrients that may prevent cancer. Cancer ends the lives of nearly 50 percent of my furry friends over age 10. I eat 1/2 tsp. in food daily and I’m 55 pounds. Always ask your vet before adding supplements to any diet.

Woofs Up? With a grant from the National Institute on Aging, scientists may begin testing low doses of a drug called Rapamycin for dogs, as it has extended the life of mice by up to 13 years. Just like people, aging dogs get forgetful, suffer from arthritis, develop heart disease and cancer too. They live with us, eat well and have access to advanced medical care, but their lives are still very short compared to ours. If this new drug works, we may enjoy many more happy healthy years with our beloved furry kids. And, if it works for them, it may also work for all of us Baby Boomers as well. Let’s keep our paws crossed .

Lacy's Licks. Dogs are just like people. We can be affectionate, confused, eager, playful, tired, bored and hungry. We are always looking for exciting things to do and eager to try out some new fancy food we just found. But, just like you, affection is still our #1 reward.  

Our Tails are Waggin'. Dog lovers can find plenty of smooches from pooches at the Destin Dog Park. The Park added lights for a great night life with your furry friends. Please feed the donation box daily, as our park is self-funded and needs money to keep it pawsome.

Picture Pawfect? Furrriends can send your caught on camera photos at the Destin Dog Park to mustlovedogs@cox.net. Your pix may have bragging rights in the next Pooch Scoop News. The Scoop is published on the first Wednesday of every month. To read past issues, visit TheDestinLog.com and type in the search bar Pooch Scoop for local doggy dining, training tips, stories, hiking trails and many photos to share with friends on Facebook.

Chow for now.

P.A. DeFrenza, a.k.a The Destin Dog Whisperer/Pooch Scoop Reporter, is a resident of Destin, freelance writer and American Red Cross volunteer. Send your upcoming pawsome news and/or events, to mustlovedogs850@gmail.com.