HART: Bruce Jenner, the brave broad jumper

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The Destin Log

The Bruce Jenner interview was the number one recently watched interview on TV, with 20 million viewers. Unsettling to interviewer Diane Sawyer of ABC was Jenner's shocking and courageous statement, not that he was transitioning to a woman (or showing Diane his/her dresses), or that he/she, a Kardashian, had only one full-length mirror in the house. What shocked liberal Diane Sawyer was that Jenner believes in the Constitution and is a Republican who takes issue with most of what Obama does.

With one comment, Bruce Jenner went from being a hero of the left to a villain. He had just dramatically announced that he is trans-gendering and is being embraced by the left as a woman. He was so close to being celebrated for his decision, just days away from being given the highest honor the White House gives to women — 72 percent of a man’s pay and an unsolicited, awkward shoulder rub from Joe Biden.

With his courageous decision, he even had Bill Clinton thinking about stroking a Clinton Foundation check for his boob job.

But now, like Dr. Ben Carson or any other articulate black person who rejects the "victim" status conferred by Democrats and who speaks in favor of the GOP, he will be attacked by the media elite. Without galvanizing fake "victims," Democrats do not win power.

Diane Sawyer looked incredulous when Jenner revealed his conservative political beliefs. She looked as shocked as a woman could, given all the Botox she’s had. When she rolled her eyes in disgust, Jenner responded, “Yeah, is that a bad thing? I believe in the Constitution.” Her mood turned so dark that one of the Kardashians thought about marrying it.

Her reaction reinforces two things: (1) The leftist media can only see identity politics, and (2) they cannot understand how someone could be gay or transgendered and also believe in bigger issues like limited government, freedom and fewer taxes.

The Log Cabin Republicans are gay conservatives, so perhaps Bruce fits there. Or he could start a new branch for transgendered men, the Logless Republicans.

And who says Republicans cannot get the women's vote? They just have to realize it is a process.

In reality, the GOP has been more right on fairness issues than Democrats. The roots of the Republican Party are in equality. The Emancipation Proclamation, women voting, and passing civil rights legislation were all Republican-led ideas. History is rewritten by the left to make them look like the heroes in equality, but the facts contradict their self-aggrandizing narrative.

Republican Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and fought for them so Kim Kardashian could marry Kanye West. Ironically, Kim was nicknamed "Honest Abe" by her school theater group, mostly because every guy in her class had a shot at her in the balcony.

The notion that being gay/transgendered and also conservative are mutually exclusive is nonsense propagated by the left. You can’t let your "freak flag" fly in our country without freedom. It is logical that a country that is bankrupted by wasteful deficit spending programs, or weak militarily, won’t be around to protect freedoms. Democrat-controlled Baltimore could not even protect its citizens' freedom or property when needed.

Freedom matters. If we do not have freedom and security, we have no ability to be who we are or to pursue what we want. Try being gay or transgendered in Russia or Iran, or under any totalitarian or theocratic government that is bent on destroying the United States. 

The interview effectively took us through Bruce Jenner’s life, which began in the 70’s on Wide World of Sports and will end on the WE channel. And since he is a Kardashian, he asked that this very personal matter be respected by the media and treated as Kardashians wish: very publicly.

If the right is not comfortable with Bruce Jenner's decision, it would only be because he’s leaving Kris Jenner to do it, thus breaking up their marriage. We were looking forward to seeing Kris and Bruce on reality TV in the future and watching them grow younger together.

Their divorce was not bitter, and Bruce seems like a great person. He probably wanted to divorce Kris to get away from those Kardashian kids. He sued her for alimony and whatever is the opposite of child custody. She might have cited the reason for their divorce as irreconcilable similarities.

Ron Hart, a libertarian syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author and TV/radio commentator can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com or visit www.RonaldHart.com.