Destin Call Chart

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

This chart represents the calls for service made to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office from Destin. It also shows the number of property crimes, violent crimes, traffic crashes and traffic stop data in the city.

The report for April, prepared by Crime Analyst Kathy Wilson, shows that there were a total of  3,372 calls for service in the city, which was close to an even split between daytime (1,673) and nighttime (1,699) calls. The month of April saw 33 burglaries, 20 larceny-thefts, two motor vehicle thefts and eight criminal mischief reports. As for violent crimes, there was one robbery that took place.

As for traffic, there a total of 544 traffic violations-stops, which concluded in 15 arrests, 114 citations issued, 14 DUIs and 401 warnings issued. April saw a total of 96 traffic crashes, 14 of those saw injuries.