Overheard on the Web: Crab Island Warning System

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

After a recent article on a proposed Crab Island current warning system, The Log’s Facebook site was abuzz with chatter.

James Griffin: This is just brilliant. Not. Flags on beaches and people still drown. And the county approved a corridor that the people of this city voted against the corridor will do little to nothing to help. The kid that drown on the sea chase boat had cops in very close proximity to him. Still didn't save him. False sense of security like a radar detector. We don't need more government!

Joshua Nelson: Here's the deal...have common sense it's not that hard. If you can't swim wear a life jacket or stay the he out of the water duh! This as well as most other ideas I hear about crab island are absurd...typical I guess

Todd Twilo Petty: I'm not even from Destin but know to ask about the currents and tides. But then again I also grew up on a boat.

Mark Todd: People save lives, not signs.....

David Hodges: Need to teach weak swimmers and those who cannot swim the human body has the natural ability to float, and lay in the water with your head pointed to the sky on your back and you'll float.

Minette Sumpter Cupstid: Sounds good to me. Tide change caught my family off guard two years ago, and is downright scary! Plus the jelly fish get swept with the tide. My son was stung several times.

Mike Lewis Jml: Considering what has happened in that area recently, I think some of you should show a little more respect and human decency in regards to your comments. What harm will some signage do? Just like the NO WAKE signs that are out there now that most people ignore on a regular basis...they will either pay attention or not. At least the effort was made.

Sheri Andrews: I watched a family bury their 20 y/o son this week after losing his life on Crab Island. I grew up here and was life guarding from the time I was 14 in the 70's. I spent years lifeguarding in Destin, then Disneyworld not to mention I own a large watersport company and am at Crab Island constantly. I'm more experienced than most when it comes to the waterways around here but can name many, many times when I've been at Crab Island just floating around and all of a sudden you can just feel the tide pulling you. It's very easy to see how people unfamiliar or not the best swimmers can be pulled out. Not asking for a lot here, folks. TDC already pays for the flag system in place on all county beaches. They've spent thousands and thousands educating tourist on the meaning of the flags. All I'm asking is to extend the same type system already in place to cover Crab Island as well. County just approved a safety corridor which will have to be manned several times a day to adjust markers/buoys. Why can't that personnel change flags if necessary. Or put signs over on the east side where Corp of Engineers just dredged causing a strong flow. How many people knew that? A little education could save another family from the grief this one is going through.

Nancy Kass Murphy: Seriously, after a close call? A man died out there a couple weeks ago. I love crab island but with the influx of folks with little knowledge of tides and current a warning system is a must.

Andrew Sherman: Every rental vessel has plenty of life jackets.. If you jump in the water and can't swim and drown its your own fault. Is it my fault if I jump out of an airplane and die because I don't know how to fly and didn't strap on a parachute?

Marcelle Bell: There is no need for a flag system, it should always be RED.

Christine Mailho: Not a bad idea. It may not cure the problem, but could prevent some incidents.

Rick Danuser: The city isn't going to get into a 'flag' warning system…one good reason is the 'liability' issue. You want to go out there, then familiarize yourself with the daily tide tables. That, and a boatload of common sense!

Alicia Rose: Why not? People underestimate the tide changes there and especially if you are not a local.

Sandra Ledbetter: warnings are a good idea,,, there are so many novices to the gulf coast who don't understand the ways of incoming & out going tides in a narrow area like east pass.