Sink or float: DMS Cardboard Boat Race

Savannah Vasquez
Each heat had five to six teams go head-to-head for fastest race time from the seawall to the floating rope line and back. Only the first boat back to the seawall moved to the final.

Destin Middle School seventh graders had a chance to show their creativity and ingenuity Monday during the 18th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta at Clement Taylor Park.

As part of a school project, the students formed teams of two to four members, chose a theme, and built a boat and paddles using only cardboard, and duct tape.

Fifty-five boats entered into this year’s competition vying for first, second or third in overall speed as well as best design, best theme, best paddles, and the ‘Davy Jones’ or best sink. 

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1st  Place Race Winners:

Boat: Error 404 – Theme Not Found

Crew: Bryar Duncan, Jared Marquez, Nathan Saczynski

2nd  Place Race Winners:

Boat: Dragons

Crew: Baye Bowman, Cassidy DeRamus

3rd  Place Race Winners:

Boat: Atlantis

Crew: Zachary Alabata, William Branham

Best Boat Theme:

Boat: Jenny

Crew: KobeBabin, Cole Farrah, Wesley Heyse, Connor Kelly

Best Boat Design:

Boat: Golden Chariot

Crew: Kaitlen Autrey, Ian Bell, Jade Long

Best Paddle Design:

Boat: Adventures In Candyland

Crew: Taylor Ford, Clara Beth LaFollette, Emily Nguyen

Davey Jones Locker Award(funniest sinker):

Boat: Super Heroes

Crew: Jamison Brundidge, Callie Carlyle, Sydney Kale, Ayden Stoops