House fire in Twin Lakes: No injuries, cat rescued (PHOTOS)

Savannah Vasquez
Firefighters from the Destin Fire Control District responded to a structure fire in Twin Lakes Friday afternoon.

Emergency crews from the Destin Fire Control District were called to a house fire in Twin Lakes off of Liriope Loop around 3:20 p.m. Friday.

“It started on the second floor in the rear of the home,” said Fire Chief Kevin Sasser. “We are not sure what started it yet, the guys are still working on the hot spots.”


Tiffany Mikes was on her way to run errands when she noticed her neighbor’s house was ablaze.

“I was leaving and I saw all the smoke so I circled back around,” Mikes said. “It was all coming out of the front.”

Mikes said she quickly called 911, and then went up to ring the door bell to the home, but found no doorbell.

“I was worried because there was a car there,” she said. “I didn’t see any flames yet because the fire was all inside.”

When first responders arrived on the scene they determined that no one was inside and soon alerted the owners by phone of the fire. Smoke billowed from the roof and flames could be seen atop the second story eves of the house.

The fire had been put out by 4 p.m., but dousing of the hottest hit spots was handled in shifts so that firefighters would not get overwhelmed by the heat.

One cat was found alive within the home and given care by Paramedic Shane McGuffin.

“They found the cat laying in a puddle of water,” said McGuffin. “He is comfortable and curious now.”