HART: No Confederate flag should fly on government property

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The Destin Log

Taking down the Confederate flag flown on government property is something we should have done a while back. The key here is flags flown on government property. It’s an easy call for us libertarians, since we don’t believe government should even have property.

The Democrats, the party of hollow symbolic gestures, had a rare win (in their minds) last week when South Carolina removed the Confederate battle flag flown on the grounds of the state capital, and which was put there by Democrat icon Sen. "Fritz" Hollings. Liberals are always just one empty gesture away from solving any problem they conjure up.

Every four years, S.C. is voted by the Electoral College as "Most Likely to Secede."

Now the flag is gone and, finally, our racial issues are behind us.

Like getting rid of that last pair of pleated pants in the closet, we knew we had to do it. We just needed a reason.

In truth, liberal democrats didn’t take that flag down. Nor did South Carolina do it because Taylor Swift said to. The reaction by the people of Charleston to the horrific shooting in the AME Church brought the flag down. They acted with dignity, reason, grace and love. They didn’t let race merchants like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson take over.

We should be proud of the South and the way Charleston handled the tragedy.

We southerners do not like arrogant, elitist liberals in high-tax, decaying, northern cities telling us what to do. We like it here. You never hear anyone say, “Hey we are retiring and moving north.”

Notice that non-issues erupt in devastating riots, looting and harm in communities like Ferguson and Baltimore in the Democrat-controlled North. Property values are down 35 percent in Ferguson and shootings have skyrocketed in Baltimore. A Democrat reaction to a problem is usually the start of a new problem. Each racially tinged occurrence does not mean you can loot a big screen TV; that is not what Dr. King had in mind.

Democrats always seize on tragedy to blame, bloviate and demand more gun laws. The idiotic Charleston killer, Dylann Roof, would not have been permitted to buy a gun since he admitted to felony drug possession on his application. But the Feds botched it and let him buy a gun. And we need more laws? We can’t enforce what we have.

As it relates to slavery, the Civil War settled one issue in America forever: whether hard farm work should be done by slaves or illegal aliens.

Leftists don’t debate anymore, they personally attack. Trump’s political statements about illegal immigrants put a target on his back and cost him $50 million. The Hispanic Miss USA jumped on him but wouldn’t give up her crown. She said, "I won’t take this tacky, over-the-top thing off my head until Donald Trump is willing to do the same."

The PC crowd even made a big deal over Paula Deen and her son doing a promotional photo dressed up as Lucy and her husband, Ricky Ricardo (of I Love Lucy), because they used makeup to make Deen's son look Hispanic. After they ban Confederate flags from Walmart, the left will next call for all face makeup darker than NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's complexion to be removed from the shelves. Now there is talk of digging up Confederate generals.

Even private businesses cave to media pressure. Disney ordered a statue of Bill Cosby removed from one of its theme parks because it cost the company a lot to have to pull the Bill Cosby statue off Sleeping Beauty all the time.

Totalitarian regimes like ISIS and North Korea seek to re-write their history, not America.

Where does it end? Where do free speech and the speech police settle this?

The Democrat Party, recently led by Klan organizer Sen. Robert Byrd, need not lecture the South on race. He used the “N” word and rose to power, and he always applauded at the wrong times in Gone With the Wind.

The North has a lot more issues than the South. We differ in so many ways, more so today than when Obama took office. He vilifies Southerners because we do not vote for Democrats. Eric Holder had the Southern states on his speed dial, ready to sue over any perceived "racial issue." In short, the North and the South are like two different countries, which was the South's point when we seceded.

Ron Hart is a libertarian op-ed humorist columnist, author, and TV and radio commentator. He can be contacted at or