Local stylist travels to Beachbody conference

Janie Harris
Deana Kale’s client Lauren Duke asked her to travel to Nashville to do her hair and make-up.

Destin stylist Deana Kale recently returned from the 2015 Team Beachbody Coach Summit, but she was not there to get some fitness tips. Kale and her makeup artist created many of the speakers at the conference’s stage-ready looks.

“It was an incredible experience. I certainly would do it again,” said Kale.

Every year, Beachbody, the creator of P90X, Insanity and T25, hosts a conference for their Team Beachbody coaches in Nashville, Tenn. Lauren Duke, one of Kale’s clients, spoke at this conference as an elite coach. However, Duke didn’t trust just anyone with her hair and make-up, so she asked Kale to go with her.

And as a Nashville native, Kale was more than happy to accept.

“When someone calls from Nashville, I am definitely going,” said Kale.

But Duke was not the only client Kale ended up styling at the event. When Duke spoke to the other speakers about bringing a stylist, the other elite coaches asked Kale to do their hair and make-up as well. By the end of the conference, Kale had styled about 40 different women each of the four days.

And while for most of the conference, she and her make-up artist had a conference room to work in, there were days where the two had to run from hotel room to hotel room in order to style all of their clients.

“The best part of the conference was the appreciation that these girls had for us and how grateful they were,” said Kale. “That’s what makes me happy, that people love my work.”

Now, Kale is hoping to have more opportunities to travel with her clients.

“If you have events that you want to go to, talk to your stylist about going with you,” said Kale.

For more information about Kale, visit her website,, or call her at (615)339-5266.