'A really cool concept': New business challenges people to 'escape'

Janie Harris
To find Escape Zone 60, you have to find the top secret entrance.

Tucked away between two beach shops rests a new Destin attraction, Escape Zone 60. Owners Lynn Dominique and Shelley Kaiser opened their first themed escape room on July 1, bringing the country-wide escape room trend to this area.

“We thought this would be a really cool concept for down here, and it has turned out to be very likable,” said Dominique.

Escape Zone 60 features two themed rooms where visitors are locked inside after being given a scenario. To “escape” the room, the team must search for clues to find the code that unlocks the door.

“It is great to watch the dynamics of how people work together, or not work together, in the room,” said Kaiser.

The first room they opened was the Special Ops Room, featuring military gear and a scenario involving a missing bomb. For their second room, they just opened the Zombie Apocalypse Room, where if you don’t get out in time you will turn into a zombie.

“That one is a little more in the fear factor,” said Dominique.

Now, the duo is working on two more rooms, the next theme being a library scene and soon to come, an Egyptian themed room.

For more information or to book your lock-in, visit their website at

Escape Zone 60 is located at 1077 Hwy 98 E, No. 202 and can be reached at 650-0023.