Home Help: Tips for getting your security deposit back

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Moving out of an apartment or rental home is hard work and often unveils inevitable wear-and-tear from living in the space. What can be even more challenging is restoring the space to its original condition in order to get your security deposit back.

Before paying professional handymen and cleaning services for repairs, there are several areas you can address on your own to help your deposit make its way back into your wallet.

 “Do-it-yourself projects and repairs don’t have to be overwhelming or require paid professionals,” says Brittany Bailey, DIY and home improvement expert and blogger behind

Bailey recommends these easy tips for repairing minor damages resulting from moments any renter can relate to:

When odors linger in kitchens and bathrooms:

•Allow fresh air to circulate through the space by opening windows for as long as possible and using exhaust fans while cleaning.

•Clean garbage disposal blades and freshen the drain by placing a few pieces of lemon peels in the garbage disposal and running water as you turn it on.

When customizing and decorating the space doesn’t go as planned:

•Patch small holes and cracks with 3M Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1 Applicator. It combines primer, spackle, a putty knife and a sanding pad into one simple tool for DIY-ers of any skill level.

•Paint walls back to their original color and use blue painter’s tape to avoid splashing color on your trim and baseboards.


According to a 2015 study by Remodeling Magazine, a minor kitchen remodel is one of your best bets for recouping your investment when it comes time to sell. A minor remodel can include everything from changing out cabinet fronts and drawers; installing new, energy-efficient appliances; repainting trims; and replacing laminate countertops.


Just as countertops significantly impact a kitchen’s look, cabinetry has a fashionable and functional effect. The material and color you choose for cabinets will play a defining role in the overall appearance of your kitchen. For example, flat white or frosted glass doors can impart a very modern Asian flare, while distressed woods in rustic hues create a Tuscan effect. White wooden cabinets paired with pops of blue in door knobs and accessories are reminiscent of kitchens in Greece.


Start with a plan. Different flowers and plants require different sun, soil and water needs. Keep these factors in mind and consult the seed packets to plan out where each should be placed. Many apps are available to take the guesswork out of gardening, helping you create a perfectly organized plant or flower bed. Some even offer reminders for watering, fertilizing and more.