Live History: Historical character, Andrew Jackson to visit Destin Library

Savannah Vasquez
James E. Moore shown here in Andrew Jackson attire loves to bring history to life.

Did you know that Andrew Jackson was the first governor of Florida? James E. Moore of Crestview does, and he is preparing to get into character and bring Jackson’s story to life this Friday at the Destin Library.

“Over the years I have done my presentations for the Boy Scouts,” Moore said when asked how he got his start in historical role playing. “I’ve been a Boy Scout leader for years, and I tell stories around the camp fire. In fact, even at my age of 80 years old I’m still doing work with the Boy Scouts.”

Although Moore’s day job is as an attorney at law in Crestview, he said that he loves local history and story-telling it is just in his blood.

“I’m a Southern comedian, and I do fables,” he said. “I was raised in DeFuniak so that’s where I learned all my story telling. My mother moved here in 1954, and my grandfather started a Presbyterian church in Destin, so my connection with this area is quite extensive.”

The list of historical characters that Moore enacts are numerous; most having ties to Northwest Florida.

 “I do Andrew Jackson during his period of time when he was governor of Florida and Bill Maples who created Okaloosa County,” Moore said. “I’ve also done, Sydney J. Catts who ran for governor of Florida in 1916.”

Besides presenting in public libraries, Moore said that he is also a presenter at the Florida Chautauqua in DeFuniak Springs and often volunteers at local historic park days.

“I teach early American toys at the pioneer day, and have volunteered for years at Valparaiso in the park,” he said. “I go to civic clubs, churches, civic meetings, basically to anyone who wants to hear a story. This is a hobby; I enjoy it. It’s just fun and I hope people learn something from it.” 

Wanna Go?

James E. Moore will be performing the historical character of Andrew Jackson during his time as governor of Florida this Friday at the Destin Library at 2 p.m. For more information call 837-8572.