Happy Birthday Destin Library! Celebrating in style

Savannah Vasquez

The Destin Library was hopping Friday; hopping and swinging that is, to the music of the 1940s. The city book center was the celebrating its 75th anniversary in style last week with an old fashioned ice cream social.

Library attendants dressed the part in ‘40s era attire complete with character names to match. Librarian Jurate Burns donned the name Mable, Children’s Librarian William Rogers became Bert and there were even two volunteers dressed as the famous poster girl Rosie the Riveter.

To add to the theme, the ice cream was served in a parlor-style setting with a counter, a cooler and servers wearing paper hats and red aprons.

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Period music was performed by Cheryl Jones in the center of the library and patrons even joined in with an impromptu dance.

The technology in the library was masked to make the whole area seem like it was indeed the 1940s. The computer lab was renamed the “Back to the Future Lab,” for the day and sheets were placed over other technology to hide what remained in sight on library shelves.

Overall about 150 people stopped by during the four hour event to enjoy the celebration and wish the Destin Library a happy three quarters of a century.