Ramswell to stay on council, will not seek state representative

Savannah Vasquez
Destin City Councilwoman Prebble Ramswell

Prebble Ramswell has made a decision; She will not be running for Florida house of representatives this time around. Ramswell said that although she had an overwhelming amount of support to run for the house seat, she ultimately felt it was right to stay in Destin and keep her place on the city council.

“Almost everybody I asked about running said, ‘We will support you no matter what decision you make, but we really do need help with Destin right now; Stay here as long as you are willing,’” said Ramswell. “So I took it as, ‘We really need you to stay here.’”

The run for the Florida house of representatives seat will fall next year, right in the middle of Ramswell’s four-year city council term and Ramswell said this was the main cause of concern for her as she considered the option.

“Really one of the things that had bothered me from the onset, was that people thought I was just trying to be opportunistic and self-serving,” she said. “It was never that way at all. I really only considered running because people came to me and said, ‘We need someone at the state level, please consider this.’”

Mayor Mel Ponder has formally announced his interest in running for the state seat, and Ramswell said this has increased her mindset to stay put.

“This gave me more of a reason to stick around,” Ramswell said noting Ponder’s announcement. “I want to make sure we have continuity in the city council and continue to help the city.”

However, Ramswell told The Log that if the mayoral seat opens up, she may consider running for that office.

“Should the opportunity present itself, I am thoroughly ready to take a stab at it,” she said. “But I would never announce or make a concrete decision until the mayor officially resigned.”