Creating the 'perfect smile': Dr. Olivier Broutin opens office in Miramar Beach

Special to The Log
Dr. Olivier Broutin is now serving both Bluewater Bay and Miramar Beach after opening his new office in Holiday Plaza on U.S. Highway 98.

Dr. Olivier Broutin, an implant, cosmetic and family dentist in Bluewater Bay for more than 16 years, has opened another location in Miramar Beach for his many patients who had been crossing the Mid-Bay Bridge to see him. Dr. Broutin has brought to Miramar Beach the same quality customer service and advanced dental procedures offered in Bluewater Bay.

One of his advanced procedures is dental implants. Dr. Broutin is a leader in his field and also teaches implant techniques to other dentists worldwide. He has attained Diplomate status in the International College of Oral Implantology, the highest honor in the field. He is a Misch Fellow, a graduate of numerous post doctorate training curriculums and has trained and lectured with the best implant surgeons in the world.

"I am able to show people what their dental implant options are and change their lives. We use art and science to take a patient from a smile they dislike to one they love by creating their perfect smile," he said.

Implants are an excellent option for patients who have lost some or all of their teeth, or for those who may be in danger of losing teeth in the future due to gum disease or decay issues. Implants are titanium posts inserted into the bone where the tooth's root used to be. Because titanium is biocompatible, it fuses with the bone and becomes a part of the patient’s mouth, simulating a tooth root. This keeps the bone living and stimulated. It prevents further tooth loss and keeps your face youthfully supported. A dental implant can replace one tooth or a full set of top and bottom implants can be securely attached to these titanium posts in one of his top procedures the "All on 4" fixed implant bridge.

The "All on 4" teeth in a day has quickly become one of Dr. Broutin's most popular procedures. Because he is also a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Broutin has the unique ability to plan both the surgery and the final smile design. The procedure replaces the problem teeth and the IV sedation he provides creates a relaxed experience.

Since your jaw, teeth and bones have individual characteristics, Dr. Broutin uses CT scans for precise implant measurement and 3D visualization to fully understand the structure of each person's jaw. Combining his expertise and advanced equipment, he is able to locate the best bone structure, check for bone loss and choose the ideal implant placement sites for the patient.

"Through this procedure we take implant dentistry a step above," said Broutin. "We take teeth out and the same day put teeth in. We provide our patients with IV sedation and they wake up with new teeth.”

Dr. Broutin is accepting new patients. Appointments for evaluations and consultations at either location are available on weekdays and may be made by calling 850-387-4845.

In Bluewater Bay he is located at 4400 Highway 20 and in Miramar Beach he is located in Holiday Plaza on U.S. Highway 98 West. Bluewater Bay Dental works with most insurance companies and will file claims on your behalf.