Welcome to The Destin Log's new online community calendar

Special to The Log

When readers visit the calendar section of The Destin Log, they will see a new and improved calendar.

Readers can still add as many events as they want on the calendar, but the process for submitting and viewing events has been made easier.

To add an event, simply click on the “add an event” box in the upper right corner of the calendar page and fill in the required fields. Once your event is submitted, it will be live on the site within a few minutes

Looking for things to do? Just click on events and upcoming events will show up nearby. You can also search by keyword and date.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Your old login will not work. We recommend you create a new account only if you’ll be entering events regularly so you can track them better. If that’s the case, simply click on the “login” button and then “create an account.”

• If you have an event that you have entered on the previous calendar, it’s worth double-checking it to see if it made the jump.

• You can edit anything that you post on the calendar, provided that you are logged in.

To add your events to the calendar, see http://thedestinlog.eviesays.com/events.