Destin Youth Council is on hiatus

Savannah Vasquez

City Clerk Rey Bailey has discovered a first in his nine years running the Destin Youth Council program for the city; there are not enough youth to fill the council.

“In the past we have had more than what we need but this year we only have five,” Bailey said. “We’ve done everything. We’ve advertised four times, we put it up on Facebook and on our webpage, we are just not getting the applicants.”

In order to start a new session for the youth council, Bailey said there must be a minimum of eight applicants.

“We need eight for a quorum and can take up to 14,” said Bailey. “We need at least three more applicants in order to have a quorum, and once I get seven to eight I will present the applications to (city)council and they can be appointed.”

The Destin Youth Council provides a unique experience for high school students to see first-hand how the city government works, and allows its members to take part in making collaborative decisions to present to the city for approval. The youth council members will spend one year, typically June to April, serving in their roles as student ambassadors to the city.

“One of the benefits that they get is that it’s good for the college resume,” said Bailey. “They also get community hours for whatever projects they take part in.”

Bailey said if he gets three more applicants he will start the program for this year, although he said they are already “behind the power curve.”

Applicants must live within the Destin city limits and must be in high school. To apply visit, pick up an application at the City Clerks Office 4200 Indian Bayou Trail, or call 837-4242.