May the force be with you: Destin Library launches Star Wars-themed video contest

Savannah Vasquez
A Star Wars themed video competition is underway at the Destin Library.

Dust off your light-sabers and practice your best Yoda-speak, as The Destin Library is launching a Star Wars-themed video contest this month called, Star Wars: The Force Awakens Video Production Contest. The contest comes ahead of the release of a new Star Wars feature film in December and is open to patrons of all ages.

“There really are no rules as far as the content goes, other than that it is Star Wars related,” said Library Administrative Assistant Tina Kaple. “They can produce an action film with Lego’s, or live actors; they can film it here or do it elsewhere.”

The only stipulations for the contest are these; the production must include the usage of the Destin Library’s Digital Lab, the film must be between two and 10 minutes long, and it must be suitable for audiences of all ages.

“They do need to use the digital lab at some point during the project so they do need to book the room,” said Kaple. “We have the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Audacity, a multitude of open-source video software, a video camera, green screen and lighting system and sound recording booth.”

Local amateur film-makers will be competing for a $100 cash prize, with other categories and prizes to be announced. Submissions must be turned in by Nov. 30.

Kaple explained that the Destin Library is just one of the many area libraries participating in the Star Wars themed activities during the coming months.

“This is all part of a coordinated effort through the Okaloosa County Library Cooperative,” said Kaple. “This is all surrounding the release of the new Star Wars video game in November and the release of the new Star Wars movie December 17th.”

The competition will conclude with a screening party Dec. 15 at 5:30 p.m. at the Destin Library with other Star Wars themed activities planned.

“We will have a video gaming tournament, a light saber battle, some trivia and other contests,” Kaple said adding that although the competition is open to all age groups, the screening party will be geared towards teens and young people.

For more information call Tina Kaple or Megan Fontaine at 837-8572.