Hammerthread Embroidery: New business offers personalized local style

Savannah Vasquez
Jacob Burger and Paul Pete launched Hammerthread Embroidery two weeks ago in Destin.

Hammerthread Embroidery has a catchy name, and owners Paul Pete and Jacob Burger hope that the name bites on and stays hooked in Destin.

The two young entrepreneurs met three years ago just over the bridge in Niceville, Burger’s hometown, at an unlikely place and an unlikely hour.

“I used to party a lot and go to Whataburger and I found Paul working there,” Burger said when asked how they met.

The pair stayed friends over the years while working in area retail stores and eventually looked into launching a business together. So how did embroidery get on the scope?

“My girlfriend was looking into the best start-up businesses to get into and embroidery was one of them,” said Burger.

“Previous jobs we’ve worked have been in retail and we noticed a big need for embroidery for local businesses,” said Pete, noting the popularity of hat embroidery at retail stores such as Lids. “We realized we could provide a less expensive alternative for local businesses. We were eager to jump into it and it’s fun.”

Hammerthread offers embroidery and monogramming services for hats, shirts, bags, uniforms and seemingly anything made of fabric and works with local businesses to create personalized logos and transform them into stitch-able patterns.

“We do a digitizing service and people can bring their own designs and we can embroider it for them,” said Pete.

Located in the Harbor Village Townhomes, Hammerthread is centrally located in Destin.

“It’s a great location being surrounded by restaurants here,” said Pete. “It’s been good, we’ve had a lot of fun with it. We’ve got a good support group of friends and family and are just excited to help people promote their brands.”

For more information, visit Hammerthread at 234 Harbor Blvd. Suite B, find them on Facebook at Hammerthread Embroidery or call 405-388-4661.