Now you see me. Now you don't! Pittman Magic Show annual DMS fundraiser

Savannah Vasquez

Students at Destin Middle School were budding with anticipation Thursday as their very own fifth grade Language Arts teacher Melody Pittman was set to perform a magic show with her husband Dr. Julian Pittman.

The duo call their show Pittman Magic Juggling and Comedy and perform an annual event to help fundraise for supplies for the entire fifth grade class at DMS.

Music pumped over the speakers as more than 100 students and their parents filed into the cafeteria for the show and not long after the slide-of-hand got underway.

During the show the Pittman’s showcased optical illusions, and magic tricks and involved the students and staff in their stunts. A crowd favorite was the illusion requiring Melody to step inside of a box while students and Principal Charles Marello inspected it’s authenticity. After declaring the box sturdy and the sword blades strong Julian placed the swords into slots in the box, seemingly impaling his wife before she reappeared unharmed. The crowd roared with awe and laughter and another Pittman Magic fundraiser was deemed a success.