Garbage contract to go out for bid

Staff Reporter
The Destin Log

With a 6-1 vote during their Oct. 19 meeting, city leaders agreed to put its garbage collection service out to bid.

"It's only fair, that from time to time, we put this out for bid," Councilman Tuffy Dixon said.

The city has had a contract with Waste Management since 2006, which is the last time the contract was put out for bid. In 2011, the city agreed to a five-year contract with the company to provide collection and disposal of residential and commercial trash.

The city's bid committee will score each submittal based on a specific set of criteria, then make a recommendation to the city council for review.

As part of the city's contract with Waste Management, they are required to let the company know between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 if they want to cancel or renegotiate the contract.

Currently, residential rates for carts and recycling are $258.98 annually ($21.58 per month) and $208.35 annually ($17.36 per month) for senior citizens.

If city leaders decide to go with another provider, that company would start Oct. 1, 2016.

"I can tell you, in my career, any time you change service providers you have new drivers who have to learn the routes, which takes three to six months," City Manager Greg Kisela said.

Ideally, bids would go out in April, Kisela said, then be awarded in July.