The Green Team: DMS students lead recycling program

Savannah Vasquez
Angela Barry's Critical Thinking and Problem Solving class prepare to collect paper for their new recycling program at DMS.

Monday saw 19 students began their weekly trek around Destin Middle School with their newly implemented recycling program. The students are a part of Angela Barry’s Critical Thinking and Problem Solving class and came up with the program earlier this year as part of a team-oriented community project.

After providing each classroom with a recycling bin and ordering large plastic cans on wheels for collecting, Barry’s class created a weekly paper recycling route.

“The students divided into four teams and each team picks up from different classrooms each Monday,” said Barry. “We call them the DMS Green Team because previously all of that paper would have gone into the trash.”

Only three weeks into the program, Barry said the new recycling program has already brought about a change in the attitudes of students throughout the school.

“We didn’t realize how much we would accumulate when we started,” said eighth grade student Emily Reyna. “It just shows how much we are really helping.”

“A lot of people used to throw away paper but they recycled at home, so it just seemed like a great way to help the school,” said Reyna’s classmate Taylor Ford.

“My science class has the biggest box and since my team has the eighth grade hall we can really see the impact we make,” added another eighth grade student Mariana Drumond.

The recycling program is just one of the community projects Barry’s class has in the works and has plans to begin letter writing to local veterans and children’s charities in the near future.