Want to call The Destin Log?

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The Destin Log

Our phone lines have changed at The Destin Log, here is how you can reach us.

Editorial Team:

Matt Algarin, Editor: 850-315-4462

Tina Harbuck, Managing Editor/Sports: 850-315-4466

Pam Griffin, Editorial Assistant/Faith: 850-315-4491

Savannah Vasquez, General Reporter: 850-315-4412

Advertisement Team:

Courtney Dollson, Account Relationship Specialist: 850-315-4460

Sue Whittaker, Advertising: 850-315-4346

Matt Berry, Media Sales Consultant: 850-315-4402

Douglas Henderson, Media Sales Consultant: 850-315-4428

Kelly Mogensen, Media Sales Consultant: 850-315-4453

Reanna Cairns, Digital/Marketing: 850-315-4315

Lykeshia Anderson, Administrative Assistant: 850-315-4311