The Adventures of the Purple Toilet: Local fundraiser helps flush out cancer

Savannah Vasquez
The purple potty currently sits on Main Street awaiting it’s next lawn destination.

Don’t be alarmed if you spot a purple potty while driving in Destin. The colored toilet will be appearing in lawns throughout the region between now and May 20, 2016 in support of the Emerald Coast Relay for Life. The project is a call to action for the non-profit that raises money for cancer research and their slogan is, “Help us Flush Out Cancer!”

Local activist Karolann Schaff is the mastermind behind the purple potty, and said the fundraiser idea spawned from a nationwide Relay for Life fundraiser.

“Around the nation other people do it but we didn’t steal the idea,” said Schaff. “As we say we, ‘lovingly lifted it.’”

Schaff said she got involved with Relay for Life because her mother was a strong activist for the charity.

“My mother was a big advocate for her job, then my mom fought cancer for 10 years,” said Schaff, adding that when cancer later claimed her mother’s life, the fight became personal. “I’ve seen everybody who has been affected, and I just want to bring awareness and help them get the funds,” she said of cancer patients and their loved ones.

Today Schaff leads a Destin Relay for Life team dubbed the Dragonfly Sisters and every year she has a personal monetary goal of $1,000 for herself and an additional $1,000 per team member.

“My mom loved dragonflies because the represent new life in her culture, she was from Korea,” said Schaff. “I always want to honor her.”

The Purple Potty fundraiser is a three-part operation; you can pay to have the toilet placed in someone’s yard, pay to have it removed from your yard, or pay to insure the toilet does not get placed in your yard at all.

“It’s $20 to take it away, $25 to give it to a friend or $35 for potty insurance,” said Schaff.

Destin Relay for Life event leader Megan Daemy currently has the purple potty in her yard and said she is excited to see the fundraiser take off in the Destin area.

“This is the first year they’ve done it here, they just started it on the Emerald Coast,” she said. “There is no limitation for donations for it.”

Schaff said that donations from this fundraiser go to support local cancer patients with projects such as the Look Good Feel Better organization and Road to Recovery.

To participate in the Relay for Life Purple Potty fundraiser search Adventures of the Purple Toilet on Facebook or email