Overheard on the Web: Pedestrian Crosswalks

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The city of Destin has agreed to spend more than $700,000 to install five lighted pedestrian crosswalks along Highway 98 from AJ's Seafood and Oyster Bar to Airport Road. The Log asked its Facebook friends if they would feel safer crossing the roadway given the improvements. Here's what some folks had to say.

Dave Hubbard: Guessing construction will be Memorial Day or Fourth of July weekend. . And as a added benefit, people won't use them. Easier to cut through than over.

Lora Howard McAllister: Band aid!

Heather Bennett: Yes!

Andrew Wargo: Hope there's a crossing guard there. Because some people are just dummies. Drivers and pedestrians.

Sam Burel: About time!

Tiffany Sauber: Thank god there's a backroad to take for me to get to work. Five extra lights will be an eternity this summer sitting in stupid traffic.

John Susan Hanekamp: Finally!

Debbi Palmer Stefanic: Unless they are all raised, walkovers - nope! Not. At. All!

Robert Kopald: I need to get in the lighted sidewalk business.

Gigi Herrera: They should be raised.... Like the raised walkway on Okaloosa island! So much safer and makes for a really cool scenic view above.

Jackie Vitalich Tatjes: They only work if the people use them.

Cartoons by Deano, Inc.: Thank you God and FDOT.

Gary Bishop: I'm sure the tourists will walk down 98 who knows how far to "cross over" safely. lol Nope - they will cross over at the Waffle House, Chik-Fil-A, Big Kahuna's, etc etc.

Rob Wrobel: Will just back up traffic even more in the summer, they should be walk overs.

Aimee Turner: If only there was a guarantee that people would use these crosswalks. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a pedestrian fifty feet from a crosswalk and instead are running in front of cars.

Mike Lewis Jml: Raised walkway. At least one option amidst all the others.

Schala Metzner Duckett Duckett: No. If they were raised overpasses that would be great. More than likely though the tourists will just jaywalk instead of walking down to one of the approved pedestrian crossovers.

Patti Hanna: They won't be used don't waste funds. Taxpayer funds no matter what pot it comes from! Crossovers would work if people would use them but again they won't.