DMS free-dress fundraiser: Students raise money for local charities

Savannah Vasquez
Angela Barry's critical thinking and problem solving students at DMS are raising money for six local charities.

Angela Barry’s critical thinking and problem solving students are at it again at Destin Middle School.

In October, the group launched a school-wide recycling initiative for their first semester project and this week the crew began their second project with a creative fundraiser for six local charities.

“They researched area nonprofits and after narrowing down their list to six (three fundraisers benefitting the six selected), they began promoting them on our in house “Splash T.V.,” said Barry.

The fundraiser was a simple one, but it gained a lot of unexpected traction at the middle school.

“Students at DMS wear uniform shirts Monday through Thursday, and for the fundraiser, in exchange for a $1 donation, students were able to have a free dress day,” said Barry.

“We voted as a class that free dress would be the best fundraiser,” said Emily Reyna, a student leader in the class. “We had just one day for the fundraiser and we were able to raise $607 for Shelter House and Sharing and Caring.”

“I was really amazed that we raised that much money,” said fellow student Mariana Drumond. “I’m really happy that it is going to a good cause.”

Over the next several weeks, representatives from all six of the chosen charities will visit DMS to speak to the class. The charities involved are: Children in Crisis, Fresh Start for Families and Children, Alaqua Animal Refuge, Eglin’s Pet Welfare, Shelter House and Sharing and Caring.

“Each of the non-profits sent a representative to talk with the class,” said Barry. “Students learned more about each organization, as well as what it takes to manage a non-profit.”

The students have planned two more free-dress fundraisers for next semester with dates to be announced at the school.