Emerald Coast Gallery & Gifts

Savannah Vasquez
Owners Jennifer Viaene and Claire Gagne are the faces behind Emerald Coast Gallery & Gifts.

There’s a new spot in town to browse and purchase local art, meet the artists and even take a class in their disciplines; Emerald Coast Gallery & Gifts located at 37B Harbor Blvd. in the McGuire’s shopping plaza in Destin.

The new gallery displays work from 24 artists varying from pottery and paintings to jewelry, glass work, books, home décor and more. Owners Claire Gagne and Jennifer Viaene opened the gallery’s doors just last month and said the local reception has already blown them away.

“It’s a really funny story actually,” Viaene said when asked why the two decided to open the gallery. “Claire and I didn’t know each other but we happened to run into each other and started talking. We came and looked at the place the next day, liked it and took it. Since then it’s been fantastic.”

Viaene said the pair are artists themselves and the ever-present need to try something creative and new is what urged them to include the learning side of the business.

“We are always trying new things and we are holding all kinds of classes too,” Viaene said. “I’m doing something different all the time, otherwise I’d go stir-crazy.”

Art classes are held in a studio space in the back of the gallery and are led by the various artists whose work is displayed in the gallery.

“It really depends on the artist that hosts the class but we will probably start out with painting, stained glass, jewelry making, and dotted bowl art classes in the new year,” Viaene said of the upcoming classes.

As for the current art inventory, not wanting to single any artist out above the others, Viaene said just stop by and check them out. She also added they are still looking for local art to display.

“We really have a wide variety with something for everyone,” she said. “We offer unique art, unique gifts and the price range is good.”

For more information visit Emerald Coast Gallery Destin on Facebook or call 460-8644.