City to adopt new credit card policy

Staff Reporter
The Destin Log

In light of the state attorney's investigation into credit card use by city officials, city leaders will update their policies.

"The point is, if you read the state's attorney report it really focuses on that there was an absence of guidance," Councilman Jim Foreman said.

With a unanimous vote during their Jan. 4 meeting, city leaders have tasked City Manager Greg Kisela with drafting a policy that would guide the use of credit cards for elected officials (a policy is already in place for non-elected officials). In addition to the new policy, elected officials with credit cards would have their usage rights suspended until the policy is adopted.

The initial investigation into city credit card use began in October, after Councilwoman Prebble Ramswell was found to have used her city credit card for non-city business. It was later found that Kisela, as well as Mayor Mel Ponder, and other city employees had made purchases that were not for city business.

Ultimately, the state attorney's office determined “there is no evidence of criminal intent by any of the five cardholders who made unofficial purchases" and each were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Once the policy is drafted it will come back before city leaders for adoption.