Do the hula: Students learn hula-hoop skills at Destin Community Center (PHOTOS)

SAVANNAH VASQUEZ 315-4412 | @destinlogsav

The Destin Community Center was a colorful sight Wednesday as bright rainbows of hoops spun around the gym. The scene was 26 children participating in a new weekly hula hoop workshop as part of the Kidz Klub after school care program.

Young hula-hoop instructor, Charis Thompson gave a short demonstration to begin the session and then led the students in a series of easy tricks. By the end of the workshop kids were hooping with multiple hula hoops at a time, using their arms to spin the hoops and even getting creative and jumping through the hoops.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Thompson said she chose to teach her favorite art as a way to meet people in the Destin community.

“I just moved here and I needed to meet people, so I thought volunteering here would help with that,” she said.

Aside from teaching the youngsters, Thompson has also created a Meetup website to try to connect with other “hoopers,” in the area.

“I’ve been hooping on and off for two years and got started in Austin, Texas, where everyone would meet down by the river,” she said.

Thompson said with her Meetup group she welcomes all skill levels. The trick to getting better, she added, is to practice the art.

“It depends on your consistency and your dance or yoga background,” she said. It’s ever-growing and there is always something new to learn.”

To find out more about the Kidz Klub call 654-5184. To check out the Destin Hoop Dancing Meetup group visit,