Health Watch: 4 advantages of a meal delivery service

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

With work, activities and obligations constantly piling up, who has time to even think about cooking healthy meals at home? During a particularly busy week, you might find yourself indulging in takeout a few too many times. How can you balance your hectic schedule while also maintaining a healthy weight?

Dr. Caroline Cederquist, founder and medical director of bistroMD, a home delivery weight loss program, offers some benefits:

Eliminates guesswork: A meal delivery service provides portioned meals prepared by registered dietitians.

Allows customization: Many services offer various options including gluten-free and diabetic programs for men and women. You can update your menu when a meal doesn’t agree with your taste buds.

Offers support: Losing weight and staying healthy is about more than just food. Many programs offer not only meal delivery but free support from registered dietitians to keep you motivated and on track with your goals.