Relax and float awhile: New float therapy spa coming to Destin

Savannah Vasquez
Brothers Trey (left) and Chris Hearn (Right) are the owners and operators of Float Brothers Spa. 
“He's more of the hippy creative and I'm more the spread-sheet structured guy,” Trey said of the pair's personality traits.

A new health and relaxation experience is coming to Destin by way of Float Brothers Spa. Owned and operated by local brothers Trey and Chris Hearn, the spa will introduce the Emerald Coast to a concept called float therapy.

“Float Therapy offers the body a sensory free environment that is really good for rest and relaxation,” said Trey. “It’s a really great feeling because it alleviates the pressure points and evenly distributes all the centers of gravity.”

Float Brothers Spa in Destin will offer four themed float rooms each equipped with an open shower and a float pod. The pods are futuristic-looking white spheres that open and close like a fancy sports car, have multi-colored lights inside and are filled with 150 gallons of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt to make the water buoyant. The idea of the experience, the brothers said, is to create an environment without distractions so that each individual can relax, meditate and focus.

“The sense of the water is the same as your skin, so you can’t feel the water,” Trey said adding that the water is heated to 93.5 degrees, the body’s normal skin temperature. “If you think of your brain as a computer, you turn off all the apps so your muscles can relax, your joints can relax and your brain can focus on healing itself faster.”

The themed rooms include an Ocean room, a Nature room, a Space room and a Patriot room, each dimly lit to enhance the relaxing atmosphere. There is also a lobby serving herbal tea, where patrons can wait for their float time, and relax before leaving the spa.

“This is just a place to connect with yourself,” added Chris. “I think of it as the training wheels for meditation; this takes away all distractions for you.”

The Hearn brothers said they first tried float therapy just over a year ago and were immediately interested in bringing the experience home to Northwest Florida.

“We first tried it in Orlando,” said Chris. “I’ve always been into natural, holistic ways of healing and this really works in reduction of stress.”

“I remember I was so nervous going in,” said Trey, “but when I walked out I felt amazing, like I had a full body massage and I was completely relaxed.”

In researching the product, the brothers learned that floating has been used historically to treat patients with different physical and mental ailments, athletes with injuries and sore muscles and even with military members suffering from PTSD.

“In a study done by the Laureate Institute for Brain Research, to see how float therapy can help patients, they found the same results they could see visually in the brain, that are exactly comparable to the use of anti-depression medication,” said Trey. “It’s the same if not more relief than the drugs.”

Having each served in the military, the brothers said they are proud to support their brothers and sisters in arms and will offer a special program to military members at Float Brothers.

“This is my baby,” said Trey. “We have a PTSD program here where any military or veteran medically diagnosed with PTSD can float for free in our spa — that’s our way to give back. I’ve been to Afghanistan and come back so I know this will help them.”

“We are really happy we are in Destin,” added Chris. “The biggest thing we are excited about is how many people we will be able to help.”

Float Brothers Spa is set to open by the end of January and is located at 4463 Commons Drive West near Fresh Market. For more information visit or call 850-460-8720.