App Finder: Best apps for budgeting

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According to an financial survey conducted by ORC International, about 37 percent of Americans will make a financial resolution this year. The survey also found that the top three financial resolutions are saving more (54 percent) spending less (19 percent) and paying off debt (16 percent). The best place to start is creating a budget and these apps are here to help you create and stick to it.

EveryDollar: If you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover,” have wanted to try it but don’t have time to attend the classes or read the book, then this is the app for you. It uses Ramsey’s popular zero-sum plan which claims to have helped millions get out of debt. The app promises to help users create a budget in as little as 10 minutes with quick, easy spending categorization. While the basic EveryDollar is free, giving you access to Ramsey’s popular “7 Baby Steps” for getting out of debt, you have to manually input every transaction. The version that links to your bank accounts and auto-inputs transactions is a $99 annually.

Cost: Free for iOS. Find it:

Mint: What started out as a web-based personal financial manager became an app and with its latest update it is Apple Watch compatible. As the app reviews your day-to-day spending habits, it sends personalized notifications to the watch to help you stay on track. Mint’s main advantage is its ability to access almost all types of financial accounts from banks to 401Ks to investments and put the info all in one place. Cost Free on iOS and Android. Find it:

YNAB Classic: Like Mint, “You Need A Budget” started as a web application that is based on the classic envelope method of budgeting, where every dollar is allocated. It promises to help users break the “paycheck-to-paycheck cycle” by creating a buffer of at least one month’s spending. The downside is that unlike Mint, it costs $5/month or $50/year to use the service after a 34-day free trial.

Cost: Free to download app on iOS and Android. Find it:

CountAbout: If you’re concerned about privacy, the selling of your personal data, or just want an ad-free tool, this mobile app doesn’t even have your name on record just the e-mail you use when you sign up. The design is very minimal, but gives you an instant breakdown of your accounts and running balances. The subscription-based service starts at $9.99 per year.

Cost: App is Free to download on iOS and Android. Find it:

Featured app

Moodnotes Thought Journal/Mood Diary: A cognitive behavioral therapy app that uses journaling to capture your mood and develop healthier thinking habits. Users can track their mood over time and identify what influences it and avoid common thinking traps while developing the perspectives associated with increased happiness and well-being. Cost: $3.99 on iOS. Find it: