Spring on the beach

Savannah Vasquez

Spring break is officially over and the annual lull between the spring vacation and summer tourists in Destin has set in.

“It has slowed down from spring break,” said Beach Safety Chief Joe D’Agostino. “There are still plenty of people, but not as many because the kids are back in school.”

D’Agostino said that since lifeguards hit the beach March 12, a reported 216,987 people have been counted on Destin’s beaches.

“The numbers of visitors are up even though we’ve had bad weather at the beach,” he said. “But with that bad weather, when the good weather comes, everyone who’s been trapped in their rooms for days comes pouring out. So as soon as they have a chance to go the beach they do.”

During the first month of manned beaches, Destin lifeguards rescued 33 people from the surf. D’Agostino said although this year’s spring break numbers were up compared to last year, the span of spring vacation was shorter.

“It may have appeared to be busier, but at the same time it was a shorter window of time for people to be here,” he said. “There are different lengths of spring break depending on when Easter falls.”

As for the coming weeks, D’Agostino said he thinks it won’t be long before beach goers pick up once again.

“Mother’s Day, weather depending, is always a big weekend, and simultaneously that weekend we will see some colleges letting out and we will be full swing by Memorial Day,” he said.