New Destin business offers unique finds

Savannah Vasquez
Pieces of Eden owners Susan Keeney and Corey James welcome Destin to come experience the calming effect of plant art in their new store.

Ever want a bonsai tree but not the hassle of keeping it alive? How about some unique plant art to spruce up your home?

New Destin business Pieces of Eden offers both of these options and more in their shop located upstairs in the Palmetto Plaza shopping center.

“We just like beauty and nature,” owner Susan Keeney said when asked what inspired the shop. “We travel around the world a lot and find items such as bonsai, succulents and other miniature plants and we wanted to offer little pieces of Eden.”

The ceiling of the store features hang air-plant mobiles, which feature suspended plants inside of shells and sea urchin husks.

“You don’t plant them in soil, you grow them in the air,” said Keeney. “All you have to do is spritz them with water once a week.”

Along the wall sit jars of all sizes with miniature gardens inside mimicking life-sized Japanese gardens.

“These are our moss terrariums,” said Keeney. “They have their own little world in there, you put some water and it acts as it’s own little green house.”

Keeney explained that although inspired by countries around the world, Japan is where many of the miniature plant art forms originated.

Among their offerings, the store features kokedame, the Japanese art of string garden; kokedama, which is a plant wrapped in a moss ball; and keshiki, which is the lesser maintenance form of bonsai, she said.

Besides plants, Pieces of Eden also offers crystals and minerals, some of which Keeney and her partner, Corey James, mined themselves.

“Some people like to use crystals for decoration, but today a lot of people like them because their metaphysical qualities are becoming more noticeable,” she said. “Citrine is what is called a manifestation crystal and is known to bring about more wealth while rose quartz can bring self love if you have low self esteem.”

Both Keeney and James said Destin just felt like the right location to bring Pieces of Eden.

“The community down here is right up our alley,” said James, noting the nearby Champa Shop and One Feather Native American art store.

“There is nothing else like it here,” added Keeney. “I think Destin needs it; more peace and enlightenment.”

Pieces of Eden is located at 127 Harbor Blvd, upstairs in the Palmetto Plaza of Destin. For more information, find them on Facebook by searching Pieces of Eden.

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