Post office dealing with landscaping issues

Savannah Vasquez
Landscaping is needed at the Destin post office as the underlayment is exposed in many curb-side grass areas.

Upkeep on the landscaping at the Destin post office on Main Street has lapsed lately and the disrepair is not going unnoticed by Destin locals.

“I live in Destin and I go to the post office and every time I go I think how disgusting this property is,” said Destin local Marilyn MacCollum. “We live in a beautiful community and it looks like it should be in Harlem. It’s just so aggravating.”

MacCollum said that although she did not bring up the issue with the postmaster, she did contact the city about lending a hand in beautifying the post office’s curb appeal.

“I wrote an email and I sent it to all the city councilors and the city manager,” she said.

Here is an excerpt of the emailed letter that was originally sent in September of 2015:

“I know you are in the midst of looking at ways to beautify our city, which I commend you for undertaking. May I suggest that you begin immediately at the Destin post office. The appearance of this government entity is a disgrace to our community and to our country!”

Councilwoman Prebble Ramswell was the only city representative to reply to MacCollum’s plea, but said it was a long process that didn’t lead to a good solution.

“After I spoke with her, I brought it up at a council meeting,” said Ramswell. “The response I got was, ‘It’s federal property, we will look into it.’”

After a few months went by, Ramswell again asked the city for an update, but was met again with the same answer.

“They came back and said again, ‘This is federal property, you can check with our Trees Committee to see what they can do.’”

In the end, Ramswell said the city did try to address the post office and offer assistance, but their offers were denied.

“We can’t force a federal property to do anything,” she said. “It complies with the city code and ultimately, our abilities are very limited. We have of-fered assistance, which has not been accepted.”

Debbie Fetterly, a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service, told The Log that the U.S. Postal Service cannot accept donations from the community.

“While we appreciate the offer, that would not be allowed due to postal regulations,” she said.

Fetterly said plans are in the works to address the landscaping issues at the Destin branch.

“I spoke with the local postmaster and he said that he has five work orders in with the post office service to get repairs done,” she said.

These plans include repainting the building, re-striping the parking lot, re-mulching the area and trimming the existing bushes and trees. However, no timeline was given as to when these repairs would be completed.