Wanted: Lost stuffed polar bear

Staff Reports
Missing stuffed polar bear Polie.

A visitor from Tennessee is asking for the public’s help in finding her son’s beloved stuffed polar bear. Lyndsay Slaten sent this email to both the Destin Log and Walton Sun looking for help:

Please help. We visited the Hidden Dunes resort in Miramar Beach in early April and somehow lost my son’s beloved stuffed polar bear, Polie. It was my husband’s when he was little, and is absolutely priceless.

We contacted security and housekeeping as soon as we realized he was missing, but they did not find him. My son has been having nightmares ever since we got home. Every night for over a month!

My husband and I thought surely time would ease his anxiety about losing him, but we are trying everything to find Polie. Please help us get the word out to your community to help us find Polie. A picture is attached.

Please contact us if you have seen him! We will pay to have him returned to us in Tennessee.

If anyone has information on Polie, email Slaten at lyndsayslaten@gmail.com.