That's 200-plus pounds of bull shark you got there (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Tina Harbuck

Nothing draws a crowd on the docks like a shark.

And Wednesday was no different when the 100 Proof with Capt. Ben O’Connor at the helm backed in at the docks and hauled out a 200-plus pound bull shark.

In a matter of minutes about a dozen or more folks had gathered around to snap photos of the shark as well as with the shark.

But for Ethan Nolan of Kentucky, it was more than just a photo opportunity.

Nolan, 24, of Winchester, Kentucky, was the angler who hauled it in.

“We were targeting shark today,” said Nolan, noting it was his first-ever shark trip.

He said catching a shark was something he just really wanted to do.

“I’m a sportsman … and we don’t have ‘em in Kentucky,” he said.

O’Connor said they were fishing about six miles out of Destin when the shark snapped up the bonito slab they were using for bait.

“It went straight down,” Nolan said. “Then it started thrashing around.”

The reeling and tugging went on non-stop for about 30 minutes before they were able to get it in the boat.

“It about wore me out,” Nolan said. “But I feel very fortunate and blessed to take this trip with Capt. Ben and Caleb. It was a once in a lifetime trip.”

Nolan wasn’t the only one to catch a shark on the 100 Proof that day. His wife Shelbi reeled in an 80-pound spinner shark just outside East Pass.

Shelbi also pulled in a roughly 20-pound cobia that followed Ethan’s bull shark to the boat.

In addition to the shark and cobia, the crew aboard the boat reeled in several Spanish mackerel, a king mackerel and a bonito.

As for the bull shark, Ethan plans to eat it and keep the jaws.

“I’d definitely do it again,” he said. “It was an awesome trip.”