DMS Principal transferring to Niceville

Savannah Vasquez
DMS Principal Charles Marello has accepted a new position as Principal of Niceville High School and will begin that position in the fall.

Destin Middle School Principal Charles Marello is moving on to higher ground, transferring to a position as principal of Niceville High School to be exact.

After serving 20 years in education and three years as principal of Destin Middle School, Marello said he is excited to be moving back to his Alma Mater.

“I’m a 1990 graduate of NHS and I’ve actually lived in Niceville for 32 years, so the opportunity to come back home and be closer to my family and my kids is what ultimately helped me decide to apply for the job,” he said.

Although he is looking forward to his new position in Niceville, Marello said he will always treasure his time spent in Destin.

“In 20 years of working in public education I think I have enjoyed the last three at Destin Middle School as much as any of them,” Marello said. “DMS has such friendly and knowledgeable teachers and staff that made me feel very welcome from my very first day.”

Okaloosa County School District spokesperson Henry Kelly said the process of hiring a new principal for Destin Middle School will take some time, but he is confident the position will be filled before the start of next school year.

“It’s a slow process because of the nature of the dominoes here,” Kelly said noting that Marello must finish some tasks at DMS before transitioning to Niceville. “He will remain at Destin Middle through the end of the school year, and immediately afterwards, the position of Principal of Destin Middle School will be posted.”

However, Kelly said that he anticipates qualified candidates are already standing by to apply for the position.

“We have a year-long training program for teachers interested in being administrators so we have a pool of interested candidates,” he said. “I would expect within 30 days we will have a new principal of Destin Middle School.”

As for Marello he said he is ready to congratulate all the graduating eighth graders next week and wanted to leave a final message to the Marlin Nation.

“Lastly, what I would say to all the stakeholders of Marlin Nation is thank you and keep that school spirit alive,” he said.